First of all :

All programs developed for this project are given "as is" without any warranty.

Description :

The idea is to build a modular high-level robot without advanced electronic knowledge.
The robot uses a mini motherboard with linux that offers one ethernet port, two USB ports and multiple serial ports.
I would like to thanks acmesystem's team for their partnership with us.

We may control the robot using Bluetooth or Wifi.
The hardware bases are explained in this ticket (french) and on the official project website (english).

Objective :

Fullfilled objectives :
  • Remote control from Internet or Wifi.
  • Remote control from cell phone using bluetooth.
  • Remote control from HSDPA/GPRS global networks.
  • Video streaming on TCP or bluetooth.
  • Collision detection.
  • Image tracking.

Future objectives :
  • Line following.
  • ...

Developements :

I used the webcam driver spca5xx/le built by Michel Xhaard and his streaming server named foxserv to which I've added the bluetooth support (french). I've made a java midlet to stream the video to a cell phone over bluetooth. (read this ticket (french))

I've built the ov51x webcam driver for the foxboard to use it with an Hercules Deluxe webcam that gives a better image than the Labtech Webcam Pro. (see this ticket (french) or this one (english). I've built a streaming server named mjpegserv that makes an mjpeg streaming like the one used by Axis IP cameras. This solution is the best one because we don't have to use specific program on the client side, just Firefox. To use it with Internet Explorer, we need to have an ActiveX control...
You can find the server on the SVN Repository.

The program that enables remote control works like a bridge. It doesn't do any data processing, it abstracts the communication layer (TCP/Bluetooth) and sends commands directly to the servo controller. See this ticket (french) and this ticket (french) to see the communication protocol between the client side and the server side.
Server and Client can be found into the SVN repository.

I've started to program an image processing software to extend the robot usability. I would like the robot follows a green object. More infomations here (french).

We can connect a cellphone to the foxboard as HSDPA/GPRS modem. Now we can drive the bot everywhere. More informations here (french) and here (english).

SVN repository :

Please use the repository to download the latest releases.
  • J2MEArobotClient : Java midlet for bluetooth and wifi/3G remote control from cell phone with video support (Eclipse project).
  • JArobotClient : java applet for TCP/IP remote control (Eclipse project).
  • ArobotServ : remote control server for arobot.
  • mjpegServ : mjpeg streaming server using ov51x webcam driver.
  • JArobotTracking : Image tracking (Eclipse project).

Arobot V2

Arobot V1 (old version)